III International Course on Theoretical and Applied Aspects of Systems Biology - 2019


Systems Biology is a rapidly expanding field and comprises the study of biological systems through mathematical modeling and the analysis of large volumes of biological data. In this International Course, students will have the opportunity to get in touch with the theoretical foundations of Systems Biology, as well as to understand its application in studies on human hosts, pathogens, associated diseases and cancer. This course is open to students and researchers in the field. The lectures will be presented by several international experts and will cover a comprehensive content related to systems biology. All lectures will be given in English. The lectures will be broadcasted live through the Campus Virtual Fiocruz platform.


The hotsite of this course is online! Please visit https://campusvirtual.fiocruz.br/gestordecursos/hotsite/SystemsBiology2019


Dates: July 8 to July 12, 2019

Venue: Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (FIOCRUZ), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Organizing Committee: Fabricio Alves B. da Silva (PROCC/FIOCRUZ), Nicolas Carels (CDTS/FIOCRUZ), Francisco JP Lopes (UFRJ/Caxias), Marcelo Trindade dos Santos (LNCC)


Scientific Committee

Fabricio Alves B. da Silva (PROCC/FIOCRUZ)
Nicolas Carels (CDTS/FIOCRUZ)
Francisco JP Lopes (UFRJ/Caxias)
Marcelo Trindade dos Santos (LNCC)
Floriano Paes Silva Jr. (IOC/FIOCRUZ)
Márcio Argollo (UFF)
Adriano M. Almeida Côrtes (UFRJ/Caxias)
Kele Belloze (CEFET-RJ)
Maria Clícia Castro (UERJ)
Ney Lemke (UNESP)


Confirmed Speakers 

Jack Tuszynski (University of Alberta) - Systems biology of brain development, information processing and consciousness

Helder Nakaya (University of Sao Paulo) - Network medicine applied to infectious and inflammatory diseases

André Fujita (University of Sao Paulo) - Network statistics

Rita de Almeida (Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul) - Transcriptogram as a tool for genome-wide gene expression analysis

Jean-Marc Schwartz &  Petronela Buiga (University of Manchester) - Logical modelling of biological systems and its applications for cancer research

Marisa Nicolás & Maiana Oliveira (National Laboratory for Scientific Computing - LNCC) - Integrating omics data to proritize target genes in pathogenic bacteria

Hannele Ruohola-Baker (University of Washington) - Decoding regeneration with computer designed proteins and single cell sequencing

Nicolas Carels, Carlyle Lima & Alessandra Conforte (FIOCRUZ) - A strategy for theranostic development in cancer

Benno Schwikowski (Institut Pasteur - Paris) - Statistical and machine learning approaches to discover new physiology from omics data

Francisco Lopes (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro) - Reaction network models as a tool to study gene regulation and cell signaling in development and diseases

Final schedule (all times BRT)

July 8 
9 a.m. - Benno Schwikowski (Institut Pasteur)
2 p.m. - André Fujita  (University of São Paulo)

July 9 
9 a.m. - Jean-Marc Schwatz & Petronela Buiga (University of Manchester)
2 p.m. - Nicolas Carels, Carlyle Lima & Alessandra Conforte (Oswaldo Cruz Foundation - FIOCRUZ)

July 10 
9 a.m. - Helder Nakaya (University of São Paulo)
2 p.m. - Marisa Nicolás & Maiana Oliveira (National Laboratory for Scientific Computing  -LNCC)

July 11 
9 a.m. - Rita Maria Cunha de Almeida (Federal Unversity of Rio Grande do Sul)
2 p.m -  Jack Tuszynski (University of Alberta)

July 12 
9 a.m. - Hannele Ruohola-Baker (University of Washington)
2 p.m. -  Francisco Lopes (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro)

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